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((OTA)) - in the chambers - evening 15 Sept 97

::The fire is warming and Bella is curled up in a wing chair reading a small black book. On a table beside her are 3 other leather books that look old and well-used.::

::Every now and again, a grin steals over her face, and sometimes a whistful smile.::
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::Severus enters and sits in the chair across from her. He smiles at her::

What are you reading?
::She looks up at him and blushes::

My diary from 5th year. And, the books that I copied out from your library that year. Remember the snakes?

::She smiles at him.::
::He gazes fondly at her::

I remember. I was so pleased you wanted borrow my books because I had a reason to talk to you. Seems silly now, doesn't it?
No, I think it was very sweet. I used to get so nervous trying to talk to you. I'm glad I got over my shyness.

::She smiles at him.::

My love, I don't think that there are enough galleons in the world to tempt me into wishing that I was a teenager again.
::He says somewhat bitterly::

No. I would never want to repeat those days.

::He smiles at her again::

You certainly did get over your shyness. Tell me.

::He leans forward::

After all those years, why did you call on me?
Remember the stupid slam book Andromeda sent around? The question about how many people you trusted. I said two. One was my cat Nicodemus. I never said who the second was. The second person I trust with my life is also the man I've loved my whole life.

I called on you, because for the first time in my life, I am free to call on you. I don't ever want to let that go.

:She smiled again, a happy-sad smile.::
::The second person I trust with my life is also the man I've loved my whole life. He lets these words sink in...::

I had no idea, Bella. I knew that you cared for me at one time. I had hoped that you had stopped loving me when you were married.

::A pained expression on his face, he looks at his hands::

I have loved you my whole life and not stopping after I lost you, was an anguish I would not wish on anyone. In these almost twenty years, I was unable to love any other woman.
Oh, Severus, I don't know what say, beloved. I never stopped loving you, never. My biggest regret has always been not defying my father and running far away from his arrangement for me.

::She looks into the fire.::

Father knew that I loathed Rodolphus. I think it humoured him to marry me off to someone I so utterly detested.

::She stands.::

I need to go clear my head....

::She opens a window and breathes in the night air.::