Hermione Granger (_hermioneg) wrote in phoenix_rpg,
Hermione Granger

Sunday Night Detention- Sept 13 1997

*Hermione knocks on Snape's door for "detention"*
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::Snape looks at his clock. Sighing, he closes his book::

Come in, Miss granger.
*Walks quickly into Professor Snape's office* Good evening, sir. *smiles awkwardly*
::He stands and lifts his wand::

Well, let's get started. I haven't got all night. Take out your wand.
*Staring at his raised wand, she remembers hearing about Snape and LeStrange, and shoves her hand into her robes for her wand* Okay.
You know the theory by now, Miss Granger. Clear your mind, focus, and resist.

::He points his wand at her::


::Racing heart, outside by the lake, a breeze, a warm flush and Draco Malfoy's face, a kiss...::

::Snape pulls back and glares at Hermione::
*Blushes in horror, she stares back into Snape's cold eyes, knowing what he saw, and prepares for the next one. I can't let him do this to me! I've got to fight back.*
::Young love, foolishness, and doomed as well, Narcissa and Lucius would kill her... He sneers at her and says angrily::

Try harder than that, Miss Granger. I have no wish to witness any more of your romantic escapades.


::His mind reaches out, meeting more resistance this time::
*She fights back, sees him walking to answer his office door, and then Bellatrix LeStrange standing on the other side wearing.. her school uniform??*
::He feels her presence and he sees Bella at the door in her uniform no, she must not see this... Furiously he pushes her out, raising his wand again::


::Her wand is knocked out of her hand as she is thrown back. He glares down at her::

Do that again, Granger, and your lessons are over. Now stand up!
*Stands up slowly, and picks up her wand* Sorry, sir..
::He glares at her::

I agreed to do these lessons with the sole objective of teaching you to defend your mind. You can try to disarm me or resist but do not do that again. Still, I am curious...how were you able to do it? Were you aware of what you were doing when you saw my memory?
*Looks up at Snape, dusting off her robes* I didn't mean to, Professor.. I don.t know how I did it?
::He looks annoyed::

It's a mystery to me as well how but it appears that you actually have a very strong mind.

::He looks down his wand at her::

*Fights back, less this time, making sure he doesnt see anything of hers, and she nothing of his*
Much better, Miss Granger. You are improving.

::He looks at her thoughtfully::

Please keep in mind my advice about Draco Malfoy. His family could make a lot of trouble for you and they would never approve of your involvement.
Now, if there is nothing else, we are finished for the night and you may leave.