Draco Malfoy (dominus_draco) wrote in phoenix_rpg,
Draco Malfoy

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Lavender foam

*Draco strolls to the prefects' bathroom with a bottle of specially made bubble bath- imported just for him from Italy. He is dressed only in his black silk dressing gown and (shhhh) fuzzy slippers. He turns on the hot water and pours in a tiny amount of bubbles and approaches the mirror as he waits for it to foam. He gives himself his best seductive smile, then unties his Armani silk robe and slips it off one shoulder, then the other, considering his finely chiseled form. He hangs up the robe then runs his hands lightly up his abs, his chest, then crosses them across his shoulders, gazing at himself vulnerably. Realising how silly he is, he laughs a bit, then walks over to the tub and sinks into the hot water with a sigh of contentment*
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