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Saturday Night - 12 Sept 1997 - at Riddle Manor House

Bella, give me your arm.

::He touches her mark and summons.::

Lucius....Narcissa...come to me, now!
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*She apparates before the Dark Lord. She is wrapped in a blanket. Her face still flushed and her usually immaculate hair touseled. She curtsies low, blushing.*

My lord... How may I be of assistance?

::Lucius appears, wrapped in a blanket like Narcissa's and looking ruffled but haughty. He carries himself regally, bowing before the Dark Lord::

My Lord.
Lucius, how kind of you to come so promptly.

::He glances at them, amused.::

I hope that I wasn't interupting anything...important.
::Seeing her sister and Lucius in such a state gives Bella a sense of malicious glee.::

Narcissa, what a surprise! I wonder....hmmm, what was the quaint phrase you used the other day? Ah, yes, whom put whom in check?

::She sneered at them in their nightware.::
::She eyes her sister with contempt, a curt smile upon her face.::
::The Dark Lord chuckles.::

You may rise, Lucius, Narcissa, before you are in danger of becoming unveiled. That wouldn't do at all.

Can either or you tell me why I may have summoned you, tonight?
::Lucius rises and shoots Bellatrix a quick glare::

No, my Lord, I know not why.
::The Dark Lord notices Lucius' glance. He is not fully satisfied with the answer, and his eyes glower.::

Perhaps, madame, has an idea? Madame, care to enlighten the Dark Lord, share your superior knowledge with me?
*She gazes up at him, shocked.*

My lord, I am afraid I know not what it is you refer to.
::His eyes search hers.::

Yes, you are telling me the truth. You honestly do not know why you are here. Understandable, you are yet young in my service. However, if you wish to remain in my service you will learn, learn and quickly.

::His eyes glow.::

From this point forward, Narcissa, all sibling rivalry ceases. You are the least of my Death Eaters at this moment, and I will give you every chance to prove yourself to me. However, if you dare step above yourself and set at risk any plans I may make, with or without your permission, I will order Lucius to terminate you.

::He pauses.::
*She feels her heart jump into her throat. She nods, fearing to say or do much more than that.*
Grand. Lucius, you and your wife very nearly upset my plans for Hogwarts. Bella is undertaking a dangerous mission to ingratiate herself with Dumbledore. Surely you are aware of his little Order. And, surely you are aware that he alone is the only one who stands fully in my way to Power. I need to find his weakness, and Bella is my instrument for that.

You both will be called from hiding quite soon. There is much to be done, and few of us to do it. Death's Mistress is currently in check, but her sister may well take up her work. Is that clear?
::Lucius bows his head::

Yes, my Lord, I understand.
::Voldemort glowers at him.::

See to it that you do understand me fully in this Lucius. And your wife as well. No more "oversights" are permitted to you.

Now, you are able to brew a polyjuice potion? Begin so immediately. I have plans for this next moon cycle.
::Lucius nods::
Yes, Lord. I know how to brew the potion and I will begin immediately. We shall not disappoint you again, master.


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