Virginia Weasley (virginny) wrote in phoenix_rpg,
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::sitting on a squishy armchair, thinking about all that's happened that night::
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*enters, looking a bit flushed, made sure she adjusted her clothing before her and Fred left Hogsmeade, but still is a bit rumpled* Ello Ginny. Had a good evening?
::blinks ad looks up at Parvati, not really seeing her:: What? Oh, yes. A good evening... of sorts....
Of sorts? More Harry problems again? If you ask me, that boy just needs to be smacked.
((OOC: PARVATI!!!! Well, he needs a little more than smacked....))

Wha...? Oh, no! It's not Harry problems. It's other things... How was your evening?
*blushes a bit* My evening was good.. Your troublesome brothers bought Zonko's Joke Shop..

Anyway, if you ask me, I think you should just jump Harry's bones. The boy needs a good pull. As do you!
Trust me, I've tried. ::sighs:: He's so naive!
awww yes.. yes he is. Isn't there ANYONE else you are interested in?? You deserve a good boyfriend.
Harry is a good boyfriend! I just have some other issues I need to work out... ::thinks:: My brothers are in Hogsmeade?! I need to owl them....
*grins* Nice change of subject. You definately are a Weasley alright. But yes, they're in Hogsmeade now. They have a flat above their new store. It's quite nice.
::doesn't want to know how Parvati knows about the flat:: Thanks for telling me! If you'll excuse me now, I need to owl my brothers ::gets up::
Oh okay *gets up herself* I'd better go take a shower and such. See you later Ginny!
Bye Parvati! ::leaves the Commonroom::