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Phoenix [entries|friends|calendar]
Phoenix from the Flames

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Snape's Office [25 Sep 1997|09:07pm]

[ mood | bored ]


::Professor Snape sits alone at his desk reading papers. He is startled to hear a knock on the door so late at night. Annoyed, he stands, walks over and opens the door::

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Wednesday Night - The Astronomy Tower - 8 pm [16 Sep 1997|02:49pm]

[ mood | happy ]

::Flying gently out of the night sky, Bella landed quietly on the Astronomy Tower. She pulled her cloak tight to her, and walked around, gettingher bearings. Sighing, she looked up to Cygnus in the night sky.::

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((OTA)) [16 Sep 1997|02:42pm]

[ mood | calm ]

*exits Hogwarts and wanders towards the water, carrying her very warm and comfortable Gryffindor blanket and a book, goes and sits down by the tree that is a few feet from the water and wraps the blanket around her, opening her book and starting to read it*

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OTA [21 Aug 2003|03:55pm]

*Sits outside eating a small snack, looking at the clouds*

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[19 Aug 2003|10:17pm]

*Clad in Draco's Armani Invisibility Cloak, Hermione enters the Slytherin commonroom. Not finding Draco, she knocks softly on his bedroom door*

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[19 Aug 2003|09:57pm]

((In continuation of the two other threads. OTA....anyone else? Anyone?))

::Waits until he does, but goes in first, holding the invisibility cloak over one shoulder. Glances around, with his wand out, to avoid attack from anyone...beginning to wonder who was orchestrating all these kidnappings inside the castle...but leads the way to Madame Pomfrey::

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[19 Aug 2003|03:35pm]

[ mood | determined ]

*walks out of the castle and shakes his head ocne as Harry takes the cloak off of both of them. He looks at the map and then to Harry* We have to head to the lake...right? *looks at the map for anys igns of dots that would identify Hannah*

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((OTA)) - in the chambers - evening 15 Sept 97 [15 Sep 1997|12:58pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

::The fire is warming and Bella is curled up in a wing chair reading a small black book. On a table beside her are 3 other leather books that look old and well-used.::

::Every now and again, a grin steals over her face, and sometimes a whistful smile.::

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((OTA)) [15 Sep 1997|01:33pm]

[ mood | awake ]

::sits in the library reading a copy of The Dead Book she found in her dorm::

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Sunday Night Detention- Sept 13 1997 [17 Aug 2003|09:58pm]

*Hermione knocks on Snape's door for "detention"*

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[17 Aug 2003|09:22pm]

::Woken up by...the most horrific nightmare. Sits up quickly, was laying in bed but...awake now. Gets up, nearly falling off the bed, but stumbles across the room, pulling Ron's bed curtains back:: RON!

(burst into flames)

Sunday night, by the lake - 13 Sept 97 [13 Sep 1997|08:53pm]

[ mood | E-vile! ]

::A strange trio appeared from the Forbidden Forest. The Dark Lord moved towards the lake, and Wormtail followed behind him carrying a sobbing girl over his shoulder.::

Put her down, Wormtail. Make sure her bonds are secured, wouldn't want our little fish swimming free of our net, now would we. You can swim, can't you?

Miss Abbott, you have to promise me not to sob to hard, or you will use all the air I've given you too quickly. If you live, my dear, perhaps we can chat about your experience at the lake bed over cookies one day.

Wormtail, take a boat, and drop our little fishie into the lake. And, Wormtail, make sure you do not botch the charm, or our little fish will be dead before she reaches the bottom.

::A malicious thrill stole over him as he laughed at her expression.::

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Lavender foam [13 Sep 1997|10:43pm]
[ mood | content ]

*Draco strolls to the prefects' bathroom with a bottle of specially made bubble bath- imported just for him from Italy. He is dressed only in his black silk dressing gown and (shhhh) fuzzy slippers. He turns on the hot water and pours in a tiny amount of bubbles and approaches the mirror as he waits for it to foam. He gives himself his best seductive smile, then unties his Armani silk robe and slips it off one shoulder, then the other, considering his finely chiseled form. He hangs up the robe then runs his hands lightly up his abs, his chest, then crosses them across his shoulders, gazing at himself vulnerably. Realising how silly he is, he laughs a bit, then walks over to the tub and sinks into the hot water with a sigh of contentment*

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[13 Sep 1997|09:26pm]

*sits in the slytherin common room rather bored, flipping through a book on ancient hexes*

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12 Sept 1997 - Back at Professor Snape's office. & we are at NC-17 [12 Sep 1997|07:53pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

::Bella steps out of the fireplace, smooths the familiar yet unfamiliar outfit. So many years since she wore the white blouse and green-and-silver house tie. Her jumper smelled of cedar and lavender, and the wool felt soft against her hand. Giggling, she looked down at the pleated grey wool skirt and white knee high stockings. Most amazingly, she still had her last pair of patent leather Mary Janes shoes. Smiling, she once more smoothed her school robes with the Slytherin House crest. She hugged herself and aniticipated the looked on Severus' face. She knocked on the door to the inner chambers.::

Professor Snape, sir. I hate to bother you this late, but could I come in, sir?

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[13 Sep 1997|04:46pm]
*goes into Draco's room looking for the invisibility cloak*

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Saturday Night - 12 Sept 1997 - at Riddle Manor House [12 Sep 1997|05:18pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Bella, give me your arm.

::He touches her mark and summons.::

Lucius....Narcissa...come to me, now!

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Late Saturday Night - 12 Sept 1997 [12 Sep 1997|04:49pm]

::Bella reluctantly gets out of bed, and pulls her black silk kimono robe on.::

Severus, I should go "check-in" with him, like a good little Death Eater, or he may come back to the grounds. Do you have any floo powder I can use?

::She looks at him and smiles.::

And, I promise, I won't do anything to upset him or incite him to hurt me. I will master my temper and keep my mind hidden from him.

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((OTA)) [13 Sep 1997|12:07pm]

[ mood | blah ]

::starts heading towards the owlery with quill and parchment in hand::

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((OTA)) [12 Sep 1997|11:57pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

::sitting on a squishy armchair, thinking about all that's happened that night::

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