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Sunday night, by the lake - 13 Sept 97

::A strange trio appeared from the Forbidden Forest. The Dark Lord moved towards the lake, and Wormtail followed behind him carrying a sobbing girl over his shoulder.::

Put her down, Wormtail. Make sure her bonds are secured, wouldn't want our little fish swimming free of our net, now would we. You can swim, can't you?

Miss Abbott, you have to promise me not to sob to hard, or you will use all the air I've given you too quickly. If you live, my dear, perhaps we can chat about your experience at the lake bed over cookies one day.

Wormtail, take a boat, and drop our little fishie into the lake. And, Wormtail, make sure you do not botch the charm, or our little fish will be dead before she reaches the bottom.

::A malicious thrill stole over him as he laughed at her expression.::
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