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12 Sept 1997 - Back at Professor Snape's office. & we are at NC-17

::Bella steps out of the fireplace, smooths the familiar yet unfamiliar outfit. So many years since she wore the white blouse and green-and-silver house tie. Her jumper smelled of cedar and lavender, and the wool felt soft against her hand. Giggling, she looked down at the pleated grey wool skirt and white knee high stockings. Most amazingly, she still had her last pair of patent leather Mary Janes shoes. Smiling, she once more smoothed her school robes with the Slytherin House crest. She hugged herself and aniticipated the looked on Severus' face. She knocked on the door to the inner chambers.::

Professor Snape, sir. I hate to bother you this late, but could I come in, sir?
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::Severus looks up from his book, annoyed, wondering what student would have the nerve to approach him at this hour. half expecting to see Ginny Weasley again, he sneers, and throws open the door::

::Notices the Slytherin uniform and relaxes slightly, glad it's not a Gryffindor. Hardly looking at the girl, he speaks in his coldest tone::

What is it you want, Miss...

::He looks at Bella in shock::
Oh, Professor, it was so awful! I saw... I saw.. I saw my sister and her husband dressed only in sheets.

::False sobs quickly turn into giggles as she throws herself onto him.::
::Stunned and amused, he decides to play a little trick on Bella for surprising him with her uniform::

::He straightens up and pushes her away, looking down at her sternly::

What is the meaning of this, Miss Black?
::She steadies herself, a bit surprised by his look, but his words seem to belie the expression.::

Professor Snape, sir, *she giggles and bites her lower lip trying not to giggle further* I just thought you should know that two students are running around wearing sheets, sir.
:He sneers at her and says smoothly::

Miss Black, I hardly think that is a matter to disturb me with at this hour. I'm afraid I shall be forced to punish you severely.
::Her eyes widen, wondering what he might mean. The thought intrigues her.::

Yes, sir, Professor.

::She lowers her eyes, trying not to giggle further.::
::He walks slowly around her, looking her up and down, taking in the uniform, socks, and shoes. She looks as she did when they were in school together and he adored her secretly::

::She looks every bit as young and beautiful only now, she is his::

::He gestures to a chair::

Have a seat, Miss Black, while I decide your punishment. Unless of course you can give me some reason why I shouldn't...
::Almost too eagerly, Bella sits down.::

Yes, sir., sir.

::She unconsciously sits as she did as a student, knees together, hands clasped on her thighs, and swinging her lower legs.::
::He sits down at his desk and glares at her across it, trying not to smile::
::He puts the tips off his fingers together and looks thoughtful::

Tell me, Miss Black, what exactly did you see?
::Looking up at him, she thinks. How to tell him and still play this deliciously wicked game.::

I saw my sister, Narcissa, with that cad, Lucius Malfoy, wrapped in sheets in another, ah, common room. They were being told off by another, erm, teacher, for being nosey and stirring a cauldron they shouldn't be stirring.

:She keeps swinging her legs, and pulls on her lower lip with her teeth.::
::Trying not to laugh at the thought of Lucius and Narcissa being summoned wrapped in bed sheets, he looks at her, noticing her legs and becomes more aroused. He sneers::

Why, Miss Black, do you suppose they were wearing sheets instead of their uniforms? And it had better be bad enough to merit your running down here to snitch on them at this late hour or your punishment shall be most severe.
::She widens her eyes, trying to look innocent. She takes a strand of her hair and starts twirling it around her index finger.::

I'm sure I don't know, Professor, sir. But, they were out of their separate dorms at such a late hour. I wonder what they could have been doing in sheets. It's not Halloween yet.

::She smiles an innocent and winsome smile, much like the smiles she used a student trying to charm her way out of trouble, especially after putting a hurling hex on her cousin's broom for the 3rd time.::
::He stands up, places his hands on the desk and leans across, sneering menacingly at her::

You mean to tell me that you bothered me at this time of night and you don't even know what they were doing wrong?

::He leans closer to her::

How do you propose they should be punished for being out of their dorms past curfew? Remember, you are also out of your dorm past curfew, Miss Black.


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::He kisses her back, sliding his hands under her skirt and then under her knickers, squeezing her bum::

::He pulls away and gives her a stern look::

I'm afraid, Miss Black, that what you just did is very naughty indeed.

::He slides his hands down her thighs::

Stand up, Miss Black, and remove your knickers. I have no choice but to discipline you.
::Giggling, she stands up.::

Sorry, Professor, sir. Yes, sir.

::She stands facing him, slowly pulling her skirt up with her left hand. With her left hand, she slides her knickers down her thighs. Giving a shimmy with her legs, she lets them slide down to the floor. She steps out of them.::

I'm ready, Professor.
::taking hold of her wrist, he pulls her across his lap. He slides her skirt up over her bum. He moves his hand up her thigh and spreads her legs slightly::

::He runs a finger all the way from the sex between her legs to the dimple at the bottom of her spine. He pulls his hand back and smacks her firmly across her bum. He does this five times before he stops, his erection pressing against her.::

Miss Black, do you feel that you've been sufficiently punished? Have you learned your lesson, that this "snogging" is very naughty?
::Bella gasps with joy as she feels his finger running over her, teasing her. She wonders what he will do next, enjoying the feeling of his erection pushing into her through their clothes.::

Oh! Professor, sir!

::She gasps and her eyes widen as she feels him spank her. Five times he spanks her. Now he asks if she's been sufficiently punished. She shakes her head, her black hair moving side to side as a curtain.::

No, sir. Please, sir, I am a very naughty girl.
Miss Black, I do believe you are enjoying being punished. That is extremely naughty. Only very bad girls like to be spanked. Perhaps I've simply been too lenient with you.

::He reaches across his desk and picks up his wand. He waves it and conjures a thin, leather riding crop. He picks it up and swats her calf lightly with it before slowly sliding it up her leg to rest on her bum. He pulls it back and spanks her 5 more times, slightly harder than before::

Have you learned your lesson, Miss Black? You won't let any boys touch you where nice girls shouldn't be touched?
::She smiled at his first words, trying not to chuckle, a smile on her face. She was taken aback by the feel of, leather?, on her calf. She tries to look to see what on earth that was. She feels the sting of leather on her bum....::

Professor! Ow! That stings!

::Four more times. She is speechless, but aroused. She nods her head, reaching back to rub her bum::

Yes, sir, Professor. I am sorry, sir. I'll behave, sir.

::He smiles::

Now stand up and let me see this lovely ensemble of yours, Bella.
::Rubbing her bum, Bella stands up.::

A riding crop?! Severus!

A riding crop! How wicked. I'll, um...I'll remember that.

::She grins at him.::
::He doesn't reply. He stands and pulls her jumper off over her head. He grabs her tie and pulls her close to kiss her hungrily on the mouth, pressing his body against hers::

::He pulls back slightly and begins to loosen her tie::

"You'll remember that will you?", he whispers. "That sounded like a promise."

::He smiles wistfully::

"You look just as you did when we were in school, Bella"

::Finished with her tie, he kisses her again and begins to slowly unbutton her blouse::
::Kissing him back, she enjoys feeling his fingers move down her chest.::

I will remember, my saucy love. And when you least expect it, giddyup!

You remember what I looked like, really? Thank you, Severus, that means the world to me.

Hurry with those buttons, please.
::He rips her blouse open and kisses her hard. Pulling up her skirt, he grabs her hips and lifts her onto the desk::

"Your turn" he says, pulling her hands to his belt "and hurry, please"
::She kisses him back, quickly, and begins to undo his belt and fly buttons.::

Of course, my love.

::She finishes and tugs his pants down.::

These, too?

::She looks at him and teases, pulling his boxers down as well.::
::He puts his hand on her back and lays her down on the desk. He grabs her waist and pulls her onto his erection. Still holding her firmly, he begins to thrust into her, pulling her against him with each thrust::


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