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12 Sept 1997 - Back at Professor Snape's office. & we are at NC-17

::Bella steps out of the fireplace, smooths the familiar yet unfamiliar outfit. So many years since she wore the white blouse and green-and-silver house tie. Her jumper smelled of cedar and lavender, and the wool felt soft against her hand. Giggling, she looked down at the pleated grey wool skirt and white knee high stockings. Most amazingly, she still had her last pair of patent leather Mary Janes shoes. Smiling, she once more smoothed her school robes with the Slytherin House crest. She hugged herself and aniticipated the looked on Severus' face. She knocked on the door to the inner chambers.::

Professor Snape, sir. I hate to bother you this late, but could I come in, sir?
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