Bellatrix Black Lestrange (strange_bella) wrote in phoenix_rpg,
Bellatrix Black Lestrange

Late Saturday Night - 12 Sept 1997

::Bella reluctantly gets out of bed, and pulls her black silk kimono robe on.::

Severus, I should go "check-in" with him, like a good little Death Eater, or he may come back to the grounds. Do you have any floo powder I can use?

::She looks at him and smiles.::

And, I promise, I won't do anything to upset him or incite him to hurt me. I will master my temper and keep my mind hidden from him.
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::He watches her intently::

It's in the jar on the mantle. Bella, be very careful, especially if you see your sister. She suspects you and, worse, she angers you and that would make you vulnerable to Him.
::Leaning forward, she kisses him gently.::

I give you my word, dearest heart. I have everything to live for, and I won't jeopordise us.

::Giving him a small smile, she turns towards the mantle, takes some floo powder, and says, reluctantly, to the Dark Lord, before stepping into the green flames.::

::Stepping gingerly out of the flames, Bella kneels before the Dark Lord, and bows her head to the floor.::

My Lord, please forgive my intrusion upon you unsummoned, but there is something I must report to you.

::She waits for him to give her permission to continue.::